Value Added Service

Corpus Christi Electric Service and Technical Services OR Value Added Services:

  • 1. A large industrial inventory that provides off the shelf material covering 13,000+ line items in the quantity when needed to keep working and respond to emergencies.
  • 2. A professional and knowledgeable staff. Our staff includes seasoned electrical distribution industry staff, administration and managers who direct operations that put the customer first. Staff participates in training at least twice a month or, more often depending on the product subject matter. A critical component of our solutions based philosophy is to understand customer needs and educate them about new products and applications. Staff training is reviewed to address deficiencies.
  • 3. A ten acre facility and warehouse complex that allows on site storage lay down yard space, hurricane shelter and fabrication space.
  • 4. Delivery service that is based as needed. Daily delivery routes follow a schedule, however, when emergency material is required, material is pulled, paperwork generated and a delivery is immediately dispatched.
  • 5. Allocation of resources to cover project, turnaround and emergency service. All hour's coverage by staff and drivers to cover the customer's schedule and to put material in the hands of the people that are doing the work to get the job done. Any production and manpower lost time on the part of the customer is costly. In emergency circumstances we will err on the side of getting material moving.
  • 6. Administrative systems that match customer requirements and needs. Paper or paperless, reports, status, as required by customer. In 2011 we committed to a new service oriented accounting system that supports on time customer support and provides levels of information and retrieval to meet customer and internal requirements for data and information components.
  • 7. On site trailer for material required for a turnaround, project staffed by experienced and service oriented personnel to keep material flowing and the customer staff working. This includes communication and planning to look forward to have day to day common material and the "odd" material available when required. Additionally, this fits into a general control scheme that provides a general staging site and common area for materials.
  • 8. Consigned inventories in the customer's warehouse to provide electrical consumables that are immediately available from the warehouse.
  • 9. Material management. Material is stored on our site under our care, custody and control and delivered as requested based on customer's requirements. There is little or no surplus on project work connected with this procedure. Material is never subjected to the hazards of the field. The customer does not have to provide overhead and space to handle bulk material, track it on site, move it, lose it or damage it.
  • 10. On site hurricane shelter with a generator that provides coverage for staff and is a place of safety to work to provide assistance both in material and technical services in order to get customers back into production. Also on site is a HOkw diesel generator that will carry warehouse and office facilities until power is restored.
  • 11. Staff will have power, food, water, satellite telephones, bedding and air conditioning. The shelter generator is propane powered from a 1,000 gallon tank in the event that utilities i.e. natural gas is cut off. Staff will be composed of a sales manager, a technical services manager, an engineer, a purchasing agent and warehouse/driver and management. Hurricane procedure is reviewed each season and revised as necessary. Communication is maintained with emergency authorities in order to get all necessary passes for employees to return to work. The small on site staff will do the necessary things to get the facility going and to begin the task of getting our customers' needs met.
  • 12. Our training facility has a seventy seat auditorium with an overhead projector for short lunch and learns sessions as well as specific product training covering a few days. In addition to the auditorium, we have a technical services training room for all software that is utilized in the integration segment of the services we provide. Training sessions cover the application being transferred to the field and provide hands on training for the personnel using the application. These sessions last on average of four and a half days. We also provide any remedial training if it is required.
  • 13. Software testing. We provide the hardware to test and run new software for consideration. Current applications can be run on the new software to determine how it operates against the software that is presently in the field.
  • 14. Camera and security applications are configured tested, installed, Q&A'd and customer personnel trained in their use and operation. These systems include land and wireless applications. The systems are serviced as required by the customer. Any service problems are resolved around the clock by staff on call. Our company is licensed by the state of Texas.
  • 15. Lenel. We are the South Texas Lenel representative and have installed applications and upgrades to existing Lenel applications in a number of customer locations. This system monitors access, safety reporting and lends itself to accounting for contract personnel for daily costing of onsite construction personnel.
  • 16. Contractor access gates and design the hardware and software package to monitor access to customer facilities. This can be structured to tie into the customer's safety and accounting systems based on customer requirements and information network.
  • 17. UI508 Panel Shop provides custom building and assembly of a wide range of applications. This includes control panel building, program loading and testing, assembly of explosion proof starters, and various engineered product assemblies, variable frequency drive programming, rework of motor control buckets and starters, modification of new motor control lineup meet customer requirements and improve delivery time versus waiting time from factory assembly. Every application is monitored and witness tested before it leaves the facility.
  • 18. Fabrication. Custom layout, fabrication, assembly, and testing for switch racks, skid mounted control and power houses. These applications are termed "plug and play". This provides the customer more on site space and cost savings than having to provide and schedule various crafts to erect, install and test on site.
  • 19. Professional Liability-Constructor Liability insurance coverage covering layout, design, engineering and assembly of products.
  • 20. Corpus Christi Electric is a flexible, customer service oriented company that will provide value added solutions in all aspects of its business. This covers every aspect of operations from the warehouse, sales, and technical applications to management. Our customers are who we report to.
Corpus Christi Electric is recognized as follows: State of Texas Security License #B16958 UL508 #192641 Control Specialists Integrator Association #9506320